Healthcare Legal Executives Gather for CLE Meeting at The Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, FL By Nas Panwar on March 11, 2020 Healthcare reform initiatives over the past few years have spawned rapid consolidation, new care models, reduced reimbursement, physician employment and compensation challenges, and privacy and security concerns brought on by new technologies and population [...]
The Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island Hosts HR Executives at the Annual HR Management Institute How can HR Leaders position themselves and their employees to ensure continued growth? The changing demographics and expectations of your employees, the globalization of work teams, shifting trends in technology and heightened demands for a highly skilled work force, all converge [...]
EHS Leaders Gather for the 2020 EHS Management Institute By Jennifer Holmes on February 11, 2020 One of our Delegates onsite put it perfectly: “An EHS Leader’s job is unlike any other corporate role; when a VP of EHS is informed of an emergency, it is not an operational disaster such as losing a significant [...]
IP Leaders Gather to Share Insights on How to Effectively Maximize Their IP Portfolios By Monica Churchill on November 12, 2019 Companies were once measured on the goods they manufactured or traded, however today; they compete in a marketplace of ideas and innovation. Learning how to effectively manage IP has become commercially critical and fundamental [...]
Muskoka Hosts HR Leaders for the 2019 HR Management Institute By Nas Panwar on November 11, 2019 In a world that is often described by that now ubiquitous acronym, VUCA, HR Leaders across industries are faced with challenges and opportunities ranging from large scale departmental and organizational transformation, mental health, building resilience, shaping the future [...]
La Jolla Hosts Sales Operations Leaders for the 2019 Sales Operations Institute By Jennifer Holmes on October 16, 2019 For almost 50 years, Sales Operations departments have been improving sales team efficiency and impact across the globe. What was once considered an auxiliary team is now a critical piece of the sales puzzle. From October [...]

Corporate Learning & Development Institute 2019 By Monica Churchill on September 30, 2019 On September 22-24, L&D executives gathered at the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner, to develop a better understanding of the strategic role that L&D leaders play within the organization – overall formulating an ambitious vision for the learning function.

Healthcare HR Management Institute 2019 By Nas Panwar on September 13, 2019 Source · Engage · Lead · Innovate These are the four keys themes that emerged from the discussions over two and a half days with hospital and health system HR Executives at the Healthcare HR Management Institute, which took place September 8th – [...]
HR Management Institute West 2019 By Jennifer Holmes on July 29, 2019 The gathering in Westlake Village fed the thinking of HR leaders responsible for transforming business organizations and empowering employees. The HR Management Institute marks a time of year when human resources professionals gather to reflect internally on how they lead their organizations, as [...]
Talent Acquisition Institute – Canada By Monica Churchill on June 18, 2019 Today's job market is pushing Talent Acquisition professionals to rethink how they engage and evaluate candidates. In addition to the intense competition for talent that this fosters, today’s talent market is more complex, as evolving candidate expectations, social media and new recruitment technologies are [...]
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