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The HR Management Institute was a resounding success, with comments including:

“It was one of the first conferences I have attended in a long while that was informative, engaging and meaningful…well planned, great speakers, and interesting vendors. The learnings we took from this conference and connections we have made will allow us to take our HR strategy to the next level.”

“This was a very positive learning experience. I enjoyed the level of experience of the speakers and the interaction with people from different industries, but with a common mindset. Very high quality conversations took place”

“Excellent conference. Broad, strategic issues, discussed in a useful, relevant way. I really appreciate the opportunity to meet colleagues and vendors and seeing where the world of work is going”

Throughout the 2 ½ day Institute, the session rooms were buzzing hives of conversation with HR Leaders ready to learn, exchange ideas and network. At the start of the event, each table was asked to discuss and reveal their top challenge – the results: succession planning, engagement, growth, talent, demographics, leadership development, disruption and transformation. The ensuing days were filled with highly interactive discussions and information exchange.

Some highlights included:

· A highly rated Inclusion and Diversity Panel featuring Emily Pitts of Edward Jones, Catherine Finley of American Express Canada and Sonia Boyle of GE Canada.

· Sizzling, Storytelling and Serving at Keg Restaurants – a highly engaging and popular session in which Dean Sockett suggested that HR Leaders forget all the jargon and keep it simple

· Fascinating discussions on the distinction between disruption and disruptors, as well as Charismatic Leadership – “What are the smallest possible things you can do to…inspire others to greatness?”

· While Entertainment One did not have a burning platform from which to leap and force change, they anticipated that increasing competition in their industry would demand that they transform. Part of that transformation was overhauling their compensation structure. Simplicity was key and they went from 62 (sixty-two!) different compensation plans to one

· How do you get a group of Executive HR Leaders to stand on their chairs and pretend they are making margaritas (non alcoholic, of course!)? Get Alana Free VP, People & Culture at GoodLife Fitness to lead a session! Everyone appreciated this exercise and the mid-session stretch – and loved hearing about strategies and tips to Get, Grow & Keep Next Gen Employees.

· A fitting conclusion to the event with an interactive ALDO Group, Bruce Power and Purolator discussing the challenges their respective organizations and industries face, as well as sharing the strategies they are using to engage employees, meet expectations (employee, consumer, C-Suite and shareholders) and remain competitive.

In an increasingly knowledge and service-based economy, having the right people in the right roles has never been more critical. The corporate environment is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous; how should HR Leaders position themselves and their organizations to ride the storm and ensure continued growth? At the human capital level, as Baby Boomer retirement, generational differences, skills gaps and workforce globalization continue to challenge a company’s overall strategy and bottom line, how should HR Leaders leverage their relationship with the board and executive suite to help guide the way towards new ways of working?

The attending Executive HR Leaders were able to discuss these various challenges, and it was clear that they relished the opportunity to be able to share ideas with one another, learn from each other’s experiences and maximize their time at the meeting through attending sessions, meeting with vendors and networking.

We look forward to hosting next year’s HR Management Institute, November 4th – 6th, 2018. For further information about joining the speaker faculty, please contact Nas Panwar at

HRMI Canada

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