Healthcare IT Institute

Healthcare IT Institute

By Nas Panwar on June 10, 2019

Happiness is discovering and working on relevant and purposeful problems that can be pursued to craft a positive, meaningful, and value-laden change in the world.” Dr. Zeev Neuwirth, Author, Reframing Healthcare

This quote, shared by one of the presenters at the recent Healthcare IT Institute, highlighted that even for technology executives at a technology-related conference, it is the human side of healthcare that everyone is, and should be focused on.  While several discussions did explore technology, innovation, solutions and applications, the common thread that ran through the various sessions was that healthcare is a people business – patients, clinicians, IT department members and the workforce as a whole.

On June 2nd – 4th, 2019, IPMI was fortunate to host leading CIOs and Health IT Leaders from hospitals and health systems across the country who gathered at La Cantera Resort & Spa, San Antonio, TX, for a few days of networking, learning, sharing of insights and strategies, as well as stimulating discussions around the risks and opportunities facing the U.S. Healthcare Industry.

Some highlights and tips from various sessions at the 10th Annual Healthcare IT Institute included:

  • Technology in healthcare is motivated by clinician and patient satisfaction and should be the driving force for all decisions
  • Be a healthcare technology team, not an IT team
  • Include physician and clinical teams in budgeting and priority setting processes
  • Innovate, but get the basics and most important things working flawlessly
  • Leverage AI to increase human workload capacity and create cross-functional impact
  • Recognize that the best deterrents to cyberattacks are your users and invest in training them
  • Focus on Culture and building a great place to work – attendees learned some best practices from Halifax health, which reduced its turnover from 30% – less than 6% in seven years, as well as Penn Medicine, whose IS Department boasts 5% average annual turnover over last 3 years
  • Recognize, address and find ways to alleviate provider burnout as a result of EHRs
  • Empower and engage your people so that you can retain them and create stability so that you can focus of innovation and improvements

Next year’s Healthcare IT Institute will be taking place June 7th – 9th, 2020 at The Belmond Charleston Place Hotel in Charleston, SC.  If you would like to share some insights and experiences as a member of the Speaker Faculty, suggest topic areas for the agenda or join the waiting list for attendance, please contact Nas Panwar at


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Healthcare IT Institute
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