IPMI Launches Inaugural Corporate Wellness Institute At The Paséa Resort

Wellness Institute

November 7 – 9, 2021

IPMI Launches Inaugural Corporate Wellness Institute at The Paséa Resort

By Jennifer Holmes on November 19, 2021

There is a global shift taking place within Human Resources in the area of employee wellness programming. “Wellness” took on a new meaning in 2020 amidst the pandemic, with employers recognizing the immediate and wide-scale need to support employees through the disruption. Though flexibility increased as organizations pivoted to hybrid environments, the traditional programs or benefits on offer were still designed to address wellness issues rooted in a pre-COVID world.

At IPMI, we recognized this global shift. Improving the employee experience through a wellness lens has emerged as a top business priority; a happier, healthier workforce has a tangible impact on talent development and organizational success. We made it our mission during the pandemic to uncover what the path forward could look like when it comes to reshaping workplace cultures to promote a holistic approach to well-being. We sought to find out which organizations are delivering on the promise of a renewed purpose-driven culture, the technologies and solutions supporting this promise, and who the advocates are in this arena: the culture-catalysts moving the needle on corporate wellness initiatives and challenging us to think differently about how we balance work and life.

Last week we delivered on this mission. IPMI launched the inaugural Corporate Wellness Institute from November 7th-9th, 2021 at the Pasea Resort in Huntington Beach, CA.

As an organization dedicated to providing platforms for the movers and shakers in the HR space, we are so proud and thankful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such an influential Speaker Faculty of thought leaders changing the way we acknowledge and address the mental, physical and emotional needs of the modern worker. As we look towards 2022, how businesses show-up for their employees is paramount.


And the world works in strange ways. On one hand, there was a resounding sigh of relief amongst attending executives who for decades in their varying people-focused roles within HR, Benefits, Employee Experience and Wellbeing have implored CEOs and management to prioritize corporate wellness. This area is finally getting the attention it deserves.

On the other hand, it took the biggest crisis of our lifetime to get us here. As COVID-19 continued to threaten the global workforce, key messaging from upper management turned towards acknowledging employee health and safety above all else. This renewed prioritization put a spotlight on the HR function, opening the floodgates for HR leaders to think creatively about wellness and proactively redesign outdated or otherwise underused benefit offerings. People-leaders finally had the greenlight to innovate and implement new programs that sought to benefit employees long after the initial crisis.

There is still a long way to go, but ultimately there is a silver lining to the hardships of the last two years. We are now able to get real about our experiences dealing with and combating mental health, physical stress, financial debt, discrimination, burnout – all the things that make us human, all the burdens we carry everyday and take with us into the workplace.

We would like to thank the 2021 Advisory Committee, Speaker Faculty, Sponsoring Partners and Delegation for making this program a huge success. This was an important and necessary program which we had wanted to execute for a long time, and IPMI could not have launched it without this community. We look forward to continuing the conversation and providing further opportunities to explore human-centered approaches to work and innovation in the corporate wellness journey.

If you would like to join the conversation and engage with like-minded leaders at the 2022 initiative, please contact Jennifer Holmes at jholmes@ipmionline.com. See you at The Langham in Pasadena, California next November 6th – 8th, 2022!


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IPMI Launches Inaugural Corporate Wellness Institute At The Paséa Resort
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