The Recipe for an Outstanding Gathering of Health IT Leaders

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JUNE 12 – 14, 2022

The Recipe for an Outstanding Gathering of Health IT Leaders

By Nas Panwar on June 23, 2022

What is the recipe for an excellent executive meeting?

  • Take an enthusiastic and engaged cadre of health IT leaders,
  • Add a knowledgeable group of vendors with a diverse range of solutions,
  • Throw in a handful of kind and helpful support staff,
  • Weave in highly relevant and timely topics that are germane to the successful execution of the role of the healthcare CIO,
  • Round out with a dash of competitive spirit, a badge hunt, and a raffle draw,
  • And set in the hot San Antonio sun

That was the 2022 Healthcare IT Institute!!

As one attendee surmised: “Truly an outstanding event, well assembled, attended, perfect venue, size, which offered ample time for collaboration, exchange of ideas and formation of new partnerships, while refreshing old friendships.”

As health care organizations grapple with responding to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and adapting their operations to continue to fulfill other aspects of their care mission, they must also begin to define and prepare for the future of care amid economic, regulatory, and social uncertainties. IT Executives in hospitals and health systems across the US are in an increasingly critical position to influence the competitiveness and sustainability of their organizations.  It is this future state that the panel and think tank discussions at the 2022 Healthcare IT Institute focused on: how will health IT leaders continue to enable telehealth, remote work, and virtual collaboration; how will they collaborate with C-Suite executives and boards to manage crises and lead with agility; and how will they position themselves and their workforce to adapt continually to the unpredictable healthcare landscape?

We were so fortunate that a group of engaged, forward-thinking, and dynamic IT leaders from a variety of hospitals and health systems attended this year’s Healthcare IT Institute in San Antonio, TX, with a desire to share their experiences and insights, explore new ideas and solutions, and to collaborate on how to move their organizations forward in a sustainable way.

Feedback is fuel and with comments like this: “I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and would love to attend again.  The setting and format were great, and this hands down has been the best conference I have attended this year”, we cannot wait to host the Healthcare IT Institute next year!

A picture is worth a thousand words and these photos certainly capture the energy and enthusiasm of the group over the few days they had together.

To contribute to the next year’s Healthcare IT Institute, whether sharing some insights and experiences as a member of the Speaker Faculty, suggesting topic areas for the agenda or joining the waiting list for attendance, please contact Nas Panwar at


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The Recipe for an Outstanding Gathering of Health IT Leaders
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