“If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together.”

Healthcare HR
Management Institute

SEPTEMBER 11 – 14, 2022

“If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together.”

By Nas Panwar on September 21, 2022

“If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone
If You Want to Go Far, Go Together.” 

This African proverb could not be more apt as we emerge from the past 2 ½ years of the pandemic, in which uncertainty and unpredictability dominated every facet of society, particularly healthcare.   

After a three year hiatus, healthcare HR executives from hospitals and health systems across the country came together at the Healthcare HR Management Institute to share stories, to learn from one another’s experiences, to develop new insights, and to chart a way forward, collectively. 

The pandemic was an opportunity and provided a catalyst for change; HR Leaders are in one of the best positions they will ever be in, and the challenge now is to take that elevated position and leverage it to think transformationally and to lead differently.    

The pandemic poked holes in existing processes and allowed organizations to challenge conventional thinking.  It allowed HR to reconsider how work is being done throughout the organization; assess the barriers to leading differently; revisit and rethink policies and practices; to be more nimble and agile; to leverage technology, to communicate frequently; and to harness design thinking principles to meet people where they are.   

The pandemic transformed HR: titles became irrelevant as people started performing different tasks during the pandemic and applied a variety of skill and strength.  It allowed for a rethinking of relations within the functions of the HR department, as well as an opportunity to learn from those coming to healthcare from other industries with different perspectives.  The currency in HR is data – HR executives have a goldmine of rich data which when it is mined, analyzed, and more importantly leveraged to tell a story, allows HR to tell a story and to remain in that elevated position of leadership. 

The theme of the 2022 Healthcare HR Management Institute, “Recover, Reset, Reinvigorate: Charting a Path Towards Re-Engagement to Strengthen the Workforce of Tomorrow”, was designed to look ahead to the future and to allow for extended and in-depth discussions  on how teams must be acquired, built, and re-structured; workflows re-created; culture reinvigorated; safe work environments nurtured; and purpose reignited in order to play a meaningful role in the paradigm shift.  Through a series of case study sessions, interactive Think Tank discussions, informative solution overviews and outstanding panel conversations, attending HR executives maximized their time at The Charleston Place, and walked away with tangible ideas to take back to their organizations with a renewed sense of hope for the future healthcare workforce. 

To contribute to the 2023 Healthcare HR Management Institute, whether sharing some insights and experiences as a member of the Speaker Faculty, suggesting topic areas for the agenda, or joining the waiting list for attendance, please contact Nas Panwar at npanwar@ipmionline.com 


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“If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together.”
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