Aligning Cost with Value: Best Practices for Selecting a Maintenance and Renewal Service Fee Provider
Dan Bikus

Virtual Think Tank Series

Aligning Cost with Value: Best Practices for Selecting a Maintenance and Renewal Service Fee Provider

Wednesday, December 9, 2020 • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (ET)

The trend over the last few years has been for corporations to outsource their trademark renewals; increasingly, firms are doing the same. It is high risk and low margin work for firms, so most are choosing to focus on more substantive work and are sending their clients directly to an outside renewal provider. In order to maintain a property right (patent, utility model or design), renewal fees have to be paid to the patent offices at certain intervals. In order to keep a property right alive, in-house IP Counsel have to consider: is a renewal / annual fee due, how is the annual fee calculated, and how can renewal / renewal fees be paid?

During this interactive Virtual Think Tank, we will discuss how to reduce risk, save money and free your in-house team from tedious payment tasks. Find out what you are really paying, and if there are hidden fees you may be unaware of in your invoices. Renewal billing can be challenging, so join us as we shed some light on common billing practices amongst providers and law firms.

The following topics will also be explored:

  • How can you align cost with value – what are you really paying?
  • When you need help, how can you access a provider’s support structure?
  • What are common RFP mistakes and how can they be avoided?
  • Building effective parameters for quote comparisons
  • How to request a free invoice analysis


    Dan Bikus
    Head of Sales for the Americas

    Dan Bikus boasts nearly 15 years in many different sectors of the legal realm.  As Dennemeyer’s Head of Sales for the Americas, Dan is here to ensure your local and global portfolio management needs are met to the highest degree, all while saving you money and reducing risk.

    Dan holds bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Economics from Illinois State University and currently resides with his family in Michigan.

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