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Talent Acquisition Institute – Canada By Monica Churchill on June 18, 2019 Today's job market is pushing Talent Acquisition professionals to rethink how they engage and evaluate candidates. In addition to the intense competition for talent that this fosters, today’s talent market is more complex, as evolving candidate expectations, social media and new recruitment technologies are [...]
Healthcare IT Institute By Nas Panwar on June 10, 2019 Happiness is discovering and working on relevant and purposeful problems that can be pursued to craft a positive, meaningful, and value-laden change in the world.” Dr. Zeev Neuwirth, Author, Reframing Healthcare This quote, shared by one of the presenters at the recent Healthcare IT Institute, [...]
Talent Acquisition Institute - USA By Jennifer Holmes on May 27, 2019 There is no denying that today’s Talent Acquisition landscape is changing. Compared to the last few years, 2019 has certainly been fraught with challenges; there are a number of external factors impacting the pool of talent available and at the same time many [...]
Healthcare Finance Institute By Jennifer Holmes on April 24, 2019 The US Healthcare arena continues to evolve at a rapid pace; implementation deadlines are approaching, relationships between physician practices, independent community hospitals and regional and national health systems continue to change, and there is much discussion around the paradigm shift from volume to value. As [...]
Healthcare Finance Institute By Nas Panwar on April 24, 2019 Hospital and Health System General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers and Chief Compliance Officers are busy. They are keeping abreast of regulatory developments, managing risk, supporting new organizational and governance structures, developing their teams and providing guidance to their CEOs and Board Members. It is hard [...]

From July 22nd through 24th, 2018, Chief HR Officers and Leaders of HR from leading organizations across the country gathered at the Park Hyatt Aviara,

June 10th – 12th , 2018, Talent Acquisition Leaders from some of the largest organizations across Canada gathered at the Toronto Marriott in Downtown Toronto for a few days of networking,

The HR Management Institute was a resounding success, with comments including:

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