Retain your workforce by helping them build long-term, impactful careers in your organization. 

Are you facing lack-luster employee engagement scores, fed-up with underwhelming development plans or concerned about retaining core (and millennial) talent?

Our solutions help your leaders get to the heart of what motivates employees to build the skills required for success today (and tomorrow). We’ll show you how to engage both the employee and the manager in a career building process that leverages the latest App technology, bite-size conversations and action learning. 

Participants in our programs learn how to create:

  • Effective career conversations in 10-minutes-or-less
  • Clarity about what drives engagement personally and for their teams
  • Unearthed development gaps and personal accountability to close them
  • An Inner Circle that challenges growth and encourages retention
  • A clear and compelling professional future with the organization

The App is powered by Avenue. For almost 20 years our firm has supported large organizations in building their next bench of talent. It’s led by Jamie Broughton, the award-winning author of The Emerging Leader, Identify, Ignite and Retain Your Organization’s Next Generation of Leaders.

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