Blue Ocean Brain

Grounded in neuroscience and proven modern learning methodologies, Blue Ocean Brain is a pioneering microlearning firm that combines collaborative consultation, award-winning content, and customizable and scalable design solutions to help clients of all sizes and industries develop a culture of continuous learning that aligns with and supports their strategic priorities.

We provide fresh content 365 days a year offering an extensive and ever-growing library of resources. Our interactive and flexible user experience brings critical material to the on-the-go learner in a way that fits easily into the natural flow of their workday.  Numerous content categories can be aligned with initiatives such as leadership, diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence and much more to create engaging learning journeys.

Whether leading with professional soft skills content or transforming existing long-form training materials for the daily engagement experience, Blue Ocean Brain delivers world-class results and whole-hearted service to companies in over 50 countries across the globe. Our driving mission is to help you grow your people with learning that attracts and retains a workforce that is prepared and eager to help you achieve your goals.

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