Challenging Assumptions: An Opportunity to Explore Value
Randy Sabourin

Virtual Think Tank Series

Challenging Assumptions: An Opportunity to Explore Value

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (EDT)

Today, we are all confronted with the challenge of continuing to provide value to our organizations. How will we deliver learning? How will budgets be affected? And for how long? Will learners be focused differently?

Knowing that growth and significant levels of change only occur when we are out of our comfort zone, we’re faced with additional questions. Do we gaze into the unfolding change and accept the challenge? Or do we focus on the loss of the familiar?

If we do accept the challenge, then it’s time to explore our assumptions of how L&D organizations work best, and to test those assumptions against the new reality of constrained budgets and limited group learning.

In this think tank, we will identify and challenge four key assumptions that are foundational to organizational L&D:

  • That knowledge transfer and skill development should occur separately
  • That everyone knows nothing and everyone needs to know everything (now)
  • That group and event-based learning is superior to individual learning
  • That quantity of learners is more important than quality of learning

We will then explore alternative strategies and tactics for each assumption in order to address current resource pressures, ROI expectations, and to ensure that L&D is an essential partner today and well into the future.

Randy Sabourin
Practica Learning
Practica Learning

Randy Sabourin is the Co-President of Practica Learning. He helps organizations to grow and develop using a combination of deliberate practice programs and business improvisation. His focus is on improving the quality of important professional conversations, whether they’re internal (coaching, leadership, D&I, peer-to-peer) or external (sales, customer service, partner). Randy has published articles on Deliberate Practice, Learning and Development, Change and Diversity, and Business Improvisation. His leadership blog is widely read. Randy has worked with companies such as BMO, American Airlines, Hershey’s, Biogen, Rogers, CIBC, A.T. Kearney, Manulife, and John Hancock.

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