COVID 19 Update & Information

COVID-19 Update & Information

LAST UPDATED: 5/12/2021


As executives and employees are becoming accustomed to working from home and social distancing, we have been intentional in our desire to continue supporting executives with the information exchange and connections that they have come to expect from our in-person Institutes. As a company that had hitherto only executed physical events, the pandemic necessitated a shift to virtual events and an associated learning of new formats and opportunities, which we are delighted to present below.

Virtual Think Tanks
We launched the Virtual Think Tank Series in April 2020 with the aim of connecting executives across functional areas and industries in the US and Canada to discuss a variety of topics affecting employees, leaders, operations, resource allocation and the bottom line of their organizations. Over the past few months, C and VP Level Executives have been meeting with their peers during Virtual Think Tanks hosted by IPMI with the goal of learning from one another’s experiences, sharing insights and gaining key takeaways. The Series will continue over the next few months as we collectively navigate a new normal.

Virtual Institutes
Hailed as the “Best virtual conference I have attended so far!” and “Very engaging for a virtual event!!”, the Virtual Corporate L&D Institute at the end of September 2020 was our first foray into running a three-day Institute virtually on an online platform. We have since successfully executed seven Institutes and received positive feedback from attendees who have benefitted from reconnecting, reengaging, and refreshing relationships.


When developing the Program Agendas for the Virtual Institutes, we recognized a need to find a platform that was user friendly and aesthetically pleasing, a timing structure and format that was shorter and accounted for potential screen fatigue, and networking opportunities that were engaging and fun. We are so thankful for the engagement and support of our speakers, service providers and attendees.  We are also grateful for the creativity and collaboration amongst the team, that has allowed us to develop and execute these Institutes so well.

In Person Institutes
As we cautiously move towards developing in-person programming for our communities, we continue to follow recommended precautionary measures, protocols and guidelines.  The health and safety of our participants is top priority. In collaboration with all our hotel partners, and as directed by local and state health departments, we are taking necessary steps to protect the health and wellbeing of our Delegations. We have implemented a variety of initiatives, such as contactless and electronic event materials, the launch of an event app to allow for physically distanced networking, outdoor meal options, staggered programming and frequent cleaning at all in-person Institutes, which prioritize the health of our attendees and employees to create an exceptionally safe and clean environment.

Thank You
We sincerely appreciate the continued support of our clients and we look forward to hosting you at a Virtual Think Tank; or a Virtual Institute, and one day, to seeing you in-person in a safe and healthy environment.

The IPMI Team

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