Developing Agility in Your Organization
Susan Robertson

Virtual Think Tank Series

Developing Agility in Your Organization

Thursday, January 28, 2021 • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (ET)

Agility ranks as a high strategic priority for many leaders and businesses. Organizational and cultural agility strongly depends on leadership agility.

According to research published by McKinsey, “More than any other factor, the key to a successful agile transformation is for leaders, particularly senior leaders, to develop substantially new mindsets and capabilities.”

This round-table discussion provides essential tools to help leaders develop agile mindsets and create highly agile teams.

What Participants Will Learn.  What Value They Will Receive. 

As a result of attending this round-table discussion, participants will:

      • Gain a new level of self-discovery regarding their own agility and evaluate how well they are driving organizational agility
      • Learn the difference between adaptability, agility, flexibility, and stability.
      • Learn how to create organizational agility using the D.A.R.E. Agile Methodology™

“Susan’s ability to make me think of a familiar concept in a whole new way was fantastic. I really appreciated her pragmatic, but novel definitions of agility, stability, and adaptability. This is content every leader needs to be familiar with if they are going to be successful in change management.” 

Ray, ATD Utah Chapter


    Susan Robertson
    CEO and Co-Founder
    Linceis Conscious Business Group, LLC

    Susan H. Robertson’s purpose is to help develop conscious leaders and businesses. Susan, a successful entrepreneur, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Linceis Conscious Business Group, LLC. Over 30-years ago, she co-founded Stop At Nothing. For over 32-years, Susan has worked senior executives worldwide, helping them improve bottom-line performance by creating high-performing culture based on conscious, awareness-based leadership practices. Susan is the author of 2 books, REAL Leadership: Waken to Wisdom, and due out April 2021 REAL Culture: The Catalyst for Conscious  Business. Additionally, Susan is the author of 2 eBooks, REAL Leadership: An Introduction and REAL Culture: An Introduction.  Susan’s latest book is part of an anthology for women who live their lives on purpose. The work is entitled: Dreaming Your Purpose into Being.

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