Fuel 50

Fuel50 is powerful, interactive career pathing software that supports organizations to deliver a world-class career experience and drive a high engagement culture. Leading organizations use the Fuel50 CareerDrive™ to attract, motivate, develop, accelerate and retain talent for improved business performance. Tapping into key career drivers and with supporting career planning resources and tools, Fuel50 delivers employee values alignment and allows organisations to deliver a compelling Career Path Proposition that delivers a measurable engagement uplift and a 60% reduction in employee churn. Working with Fortune100 organisations, Fuel50 have had clients who have experienced engagement uplifts above 30% on the career development driver within 1 year of implementing the software. “Aligning employees’ values, goals and aspirations with those of the organization is the best method for achieving the sustainable employee engagement required for an organisation to thrive” Anne Fulton, CEO & Founder. Described by Wall St Journal as gamified career pathing, akin to LinkedIn and winning an Awesome New HR Technology Award at HRTech, Fuel 50 lets you configure each employee experience with your brand and EVP proposition, so that each career touchpoint enhances your brand and gives both employees and the business a clear view of their career growth path and potential opportunities within the business.

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