Hazell & Collins Associates


Hazell & Collins Associates is an inspired team of culture, leadership, and career strategists. We empower people, teams, and organizations to realize their potential, engage in meaningful transformation, and achieve outcomes that matter. We bring together our deep expertise and passion for culture transformation, leadership development, and career management to deliver intimately bespoke and client-centric engagements. We provide strategic, sustainable solutions.

Established in 1979, Hazell & Collins Associates has been privileged to build strategic partnerships with thousands of organizations of all sizes, across every industry and sector. We are one of Canada’s most established and trusted human resource consultancies specializing in culture transformation, leadership development, and team development. We have successfully engaged and guided leaders  – at every stage of the career lifecycle  – through transformative culture initiatives, leadership development engagements, and strategic career management programs. 

Every engagement we design is based on solid research and experience, then shaped to address the unique needs of your business. Your company has distinct values, faces unique challenges, and is striving to attain meaningful objectives aligned to your purpose and people. We employ a collaborative and consultative approach to design and delivery, ensuring your investment is truly useful for your organization. Ultimately, we achieve more than results; we achieve meaningful results.


HCA is deeply committed to partnering with organizations to improve their employees’ well-being and supporting their positive impact on the people they serve. We empower our clients to inspire others and take positive action toward a compelling future. Our goal is to establish long-term, values-based, one-to-one relationships with our clients, rather than isolated individual transactions. We hold a client-centric focus where close attention is paid to expectations and satisfaction, with the intention to develop loyal relationships founded on trust. 


HCA is an inspired team of culture, leadership, and career strategists, comprising a rich mix of individuals with diverse career and cultural backgrounds. Our coaches are hired not only for their training and certification attained through recognized institutions but also for their broad life experience. Each has held leadership roles across industries and brings that real-world knowledge and understanding to every engagement. Beyond coaching, we are trained strategists, consultants, facilitators, and trainers. 

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