HR Management Institute In Partnership with Indeed

HR Management Institute
In Partnership with Indeed

Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Transformation of Talent Attraction Strategies

The year 2020 began much like any other year but in short order, everything changed.  No person or company has been spared the impact of COVID-19, and organizations must continue to navigate the changing tides. There is a surge of candidates on the market due to recent layoffs and furloughs from the long-existing pandemic, and companies are now facing the challenge of having to sift through the influx of talent on the market to find those that are the right fit for them. The landscape of recruiting has changed drastically and requires companies to adapt if they want to remain on top of quality talent.

From utilizing technology to focusing on retention, the Virtual HR Management Institute in Partnership with Indeed will outline the crucial steps to building talent acquisition strategies fit for the challenges of tomorrow.

Meet Your Team

Jennifer Holmes

Jennifer Holmes

Production Manager, IPMI
Sydney Long

Sydney Long

Senior Operations Manager, IPMI


Arianna Huffington
Founder & CEO
Thrive Global
Nabeela Ixtabalan
EVP, People and Corporate Affairs
Walmart Canada


Darren Walker
Former Chief People Officer
Sanford Health (SD)
Daniel Culbertson
Outreach Economist
Maggie Hulce
SVP and General Manager, Enterprise
Jennifer Bouyoukos
EVP, Global HR
Entertainment One
Brendon Bernard
Indeed Canada
Carmen Bryant
Director of US Marketing
Paul Wolfe
Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Devin DaRif
VP, Employee Experience & Employer Value Proposition (EVP)




The full day event is designed to create space for networking, knowledge transfer, dialogue and collaboration among HR Leaders. This live, virtual networking space will allow for engagement and interaction in real-time and face-to-face. Throughout the Virtual Institute, attendees will share insights, opportunities and challenges with the goal of driving human resources initiatives forward.

Example of a Remo Floor Plan


The opportunity to form meaningful connections through networking and collaboration has always been at the heart of the IPMI event experience. The Virtual program will not sacrifice this crucial element.

You will be able to engage with your peers through high-quality video and audio-enabled, customized conversation hubs. Attendees can join tables in the virtual networking lounge, interacting with others in real-time as you would in a physical setting.


Benefit from insights and expertise shared through live Panel Discussions & Keynote Sessions, with the chance to share ideas through chat rooms, polling and Q&A.

Participants engaging through Zoom meetings
A Business Meeting on the Remo platform


IPMI’s unique virtual format presents senior level executives with information on the latest industry trends, best practices, tools, and strategies to support corporate decision making. You will have the opportunity to engage in a private business consultation with an Indeed representative to discuss talent strategies and gain insights on how to help you support your organizational objectives. Our experience in delivering innovative case studies and best-in-class keynote presentations compliment the business meeting format, providing critical information exchange to enhance the performance of your business.

Simply click on the table of the session you signed up for, corresponding to your event itinerary – just like entering a boardroom and ‘pulling up a chair’ in the real world!

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