Future-Proof Your Talent Acquisition Strategy with a World-Class RPO Partner
Joe Marino

Virtual Think Tank Series

Future-Proof Your Talent Acquisition Strategy with a World-Class RPO Partner

Thursday November 4, 2021, 2:30pm – 3:30pm ET

Future-proofing talent acquisition ensures your organization is prepared to address any challenges that impact your talent acquisition strategy. Over the last year and a half, HR leaders have had everything thrown at them. This includes shifting dynamics in the supply and demand for hiring. If you have experienced any of the following situations and did not have an immediate solution, then you will find value in future-proofing:

  • A sudden decrease in demand for your workforce
  • A sudden increase in demand for your workforce
  • Layoffs or furloughs
  • Supply shortage of hourly workers
  • Decrease in active candidate applications
  • Decrease of available passive candidates
  • Pressure to decrease your HR budget (while being asked to increase recruitment volumes)
  • Implement a diversity, equity, and inclusion program
  • Create your work-from-home strategy; develop your ‘Return to Office’ plan

In this session, you’ll hear from Joe Marino, Executive Vice President for Hueman, a globally recognized recruitment process outsourcing business, who will discuss the latest challenges impacting the talent market and the importance of future-proofing your talent acquisition strategy to remain competitive in your industry. You’ll also hear from one of Hueman’s partners, Todd Mollitt, Vice President, Human Resources for Baptist Health, about the benefits of their decision to establish an external partnership to future-proof and enhance their internal recruitment efforts. Attendees will walk away from this session with:

  1. An understanding of the key challenges impacting talent acquisition today.
  2. What it means to future-proof your talent acquisition strategy.
  3. Why it’s critical in today’s environment to have a world-class recruitment program.
  4. An understanding of the strategic benefits of partnering with an RPO provider.


    Joe Marino
    Hueman People Solutions
    Todd Mollitt
    VP, HR
    Baptist Health

    Joe is a founding member of Hueman People Solutions and is currently its Executive Vice President. He joined Hueman in 2019 and as a member of the leadership team, Joe oversees many of the organization’s RPO partnership, Hueman’s Talent Acquisition Consulting Services, Business Development and has led many of Hueman’s strategic partnerships. Hueman provides RPO Services, Executive Search Services and Talent Acquisition Consulting Services. Joe manages Hueman’s Albuquerque Office and plays an active role in engaging Hueman’s remote team-members. He has a firm commitment to driving the organization’s culture, known as ‘A Culture-by-Design’.

    Joe has 25 years’ experience within the recruiting and consulting industry. He has spent time within large, publicly traded organizations, such as AMN Healthcare Services, where he was responsible for over $300 million in annualized revenue during his 8-year tenure. Joe has extensive experience with mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, along with international recruitment to the United States.  Joe started his career with Arthur Andersen LLP in New York City where he obtained his CPA license.

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