Impact is a global leadership development consultancy with fully custom solutions for leaders, key talent and high performance teams using a business-oriented experiential learning approach. We are 262 consultants operating in 40 countries, speaking 21 languages and serving over 400 global clients for 39 years.

As a global firm, we have the capability to balance local learning needs with regional and global training consistency for our clients. Impact’s solutions focus on developing leaders and key talent using a ‘pull behavioral’ (vs push content) and business-oriented experiential learning approach. In contrast to academic, model-led approaches that teach about leadership, Impact engages learners in a challenging and engaging process of discovering their own propensity for taking effective leadership action within the business context.

We partner with our clients to create development that is aligned to the needs of the business, anchored to business strategy, key business drivers, current leadership challenges, and company values. By focusing development on real issues, participants don’t struggle to ‘connect the dots’ between ‘training’ and their real lives back at work. Impact’s approach delivers behavioral development that transfers to the job because it is all about participants’ current leadership and business challenges. Impact designs learning & development as an engine for driving strategic alignment; innovation; global mindset; agility, collaboration; market creation and new business strategies.

We utilize innovative methodologies such as: Live Immersive Leadership Challenges, Action Learning Business Projects, In-Market Journey Experiences, Community Action Learning and Live/Virtual Blended Learning. Impact partners with our clients to design these in a way that achieves a ‘double win’ for the organization: the L&D win, by developing targeted leadership competencies; and the business impact win, as participants are challenged to identify and deliver viable projects addressing key strategic priorities and producing tangible business benefits with measurable ROI.

Impact provides a broad range of capability; from custom design/global delivery of end-to-end, multi-modular, multi-year leadership development solutions; to smaller scale leadership programs; to blended solutions where the client requires the right balance of live classroom and virtual experiential learning.

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