Workplace Well-Being: Understanding the Value of Happiness at Work

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Workplace Well-Being: Understanding the Value of Happiness at Work

Indeed Work Happiness Score Custom Report

45-minute Coffee Breaks will take place every Thursday

Studies show that a happier workforce is not only good for employees, but the organization’s bottom line. According to new Indeed research with Forrester Consulting, when employees are happy they prioritize work more effectively, feel more productive and innovative, and keep company goals top of mind. Additionally, 44% of job seekers report that their expectations around happiness at work have increased over the last five years.*

Given the growing importance around work happiness and well-being, Indeed created the Indeed Work Happiness Score to help bring an understanding of how people feel at work and why. Dimensions that drive happiness and well-being at work – such as purpose, flexibility, belonging and more –  are measured via survey responses and displayed on Indeed Company Pages. The Work Happiness Score recently launched in Canada, bringing these insights to the surface and helping companies in Canada discover their well-being metrics and showcase their authentic brand story.

Join an Indeed Recruitment Evangelist as they explore how YOUR organization is performing against key work happiness dimensions, as indicated by YOUR employees. During this one-on-one discussion, they will cover:

  • Key findings from a new survey by Indeed and Forrester, which outlines the benefits of workplace happiness and what drives it
  • A snapshot of your Work Happiness Score on Indeed, including key areas of strengths and opportunities
  • How your score is performing against other companies

One-on-one meetings are available every week on Thursdays until March 31st. Register now to secure your spot!

*Source: Indeed Workplace Happiness Report, a commissioned study (n=1,532 CA adults) conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Indeed, 2021.


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