Meet Kunik: Your Work-Life Partner

Kunik supports your caregivers and entire organization where work and life meet. Tailored solutions powered by community & expert guidance.

Where and how we work has changed, but your people remain your most valuable asset. Kunik supports your people by starting with caregivers and expanding care across your workforce. Through our private caregiver community and customized expert facilitated discussions we ensure that your people feel valued, seen, and heard no matter where they work.

Caregiver support: Kunik’s private, inclusive community for working caregivers gives your team access to peer support and over 24 expert discussions per year. Accessible on desktop or mobile app with a custom on-demand resource library, we make it easy for your caregivers to find the support they need when they need it.

Firmwide expert conversations: Customized expert facilitated discussions that connect your people through the issues that matter most.

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