Mega industry and cultural shifts, like health system consolidation and millennials shaping the workplace, have impacted and challenged norms in hospital staffing structures – particularly in the nursing arena. As a result, today’s care force is larger, far more complex, diverse, and disconnected than ever before. These seismic shifts have revealed a gaping hole in the front lines of care that must be filled. Failing to address the root of the problem will result in a diminished quality of care and patient experience, as well as stagnant organizational growth. Band aid won’t fix what ails.

Laudio can help HR teams make a difference by doing more with the best they’ve got – transforming brilliant, skilled clinicians into effective frontline leaders who can drive staff engagement, quality of care, and organizational goals.  Laudio enables HR teams to identify, develop and empower nurse leaders through predictive and actionable insights delivered via a single, intuitive and easy-to-master platform.

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