Mid-Cycle Revenue Strategies for Financial Recovery: Now and Post COVID-19
Ravi Chopra

Virtual Think Tank Series

Mid-Cycle Revenue Strategies for Financial Recovery: Now and Post COVID-19

Thursday, June 11, 2020 • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (EDT)

Given the drop in surgery, coupled with rise in COVID-19 cases, hospitals can
expect to see a reimbursement loss of 25% year over year in 2020 (Iodine
Software analysis). As the financial impact of COVID-19 on health systems
continues to be realized, many hospitals will not be able to survive the damage to their cash flow for longer than 60-90 days despite the federal stimulus. Both now and post COVID-19, finance leaders are exploring solutions that not only mitigate downward margin pressure short-term, but also create resiliency in the long-term. As hospitals navigate these challenges, accurate  documentation will be critical. Join us for a two-part, interactive discussion in which we examine the latest data on the projected financial impact of COVID-19, as well as strategies to build a resilience plan — not only to weather the current impact, but also to enable your organization to emerge financially and strategically stronger.

Ravi Chopra, MD
Clinical & Product Specialist

Dr. Chopra, MD is an experienced executive with 17 years of experience in healthcare consulting, technology, and growth. He currently serves as Clinical and Product Specialist for Iodine, contributing to growth, delivery, and development.

Prior to joining Iodine, Dr. Chopra played an extensive and extended role in the Advisory Board Company’s growth post-IPO. His work there included development, growth, and delivery of 25+ consulting engagements installing operational and clinical best practices at ABC partner hospitals, development and growth of the company’s first in-house technology platform (Surgery Profitability Compass), and growth of Crimson to one of the country’s largest healthcare analytic platforms.

Dr. Chopra started his career as a McKinsey consultant. He holds degrees in Medicine from the University of Michigan Medical School and Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

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