Jamal Khan

As President of GlobalServe, Marketing, and eCommerce, Jamal Khan is responsible
Jamal Khan is responsible for overseeing all aspects of
Connection’s international operations, while spearheading the innovation and development of the Company’s digital
and eCommerce assets. Khan is an organizational leader with two decades of broad spectrum experience, from
core technology and sales, to marketing and operational P&L management. Khan has nurtured and developed highperformance
organizations through the adherence of operating principles, garnered and developed over years of
multi-disciplinary senior management roles. Khan’s skills are ideally suited for bringing technology solutions and
products to market, as well as leading ongoing operations that require strategic alignment, turnaround, or positioning
for breakout performance.
Mr. Khan is an industry expert with years of engineering expertise in the areas of Trading Systems, eCommerce,
and Cyber Security. He is a Guest Lecturer at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, on the subject of
Artificial Intelligence. He is an inventor of six approved patents related to human-machine interface design, data
orchestration, and machine learning, and has been actively involved in technology startups as both an investor and
mentor. Mr. Khan joined Connection through the company’s 2016 acquisition of GlobalServe Inc., where he served
as Chief Executive Officer. Prior to GlobalServe, Mr. Khan worked in leadership capacities at Instinet, VeriSign,
Arpatech, and Merck Medco.

Jamal Khan
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