Kathy Jo DeVault

Kathy Jo DeVault is a Safety, Health and Environmental Professional with over 25 years of experience in different types of the manufacturing industry, including automotive and furniture. Her education includes Bachelor of Science from Ferris State University and a Master of Science from Columbia Southern University, both in Occupational Health Safety and the Environment. She has held a CSP certification since 2006 and holds multiple professional certifications including SWPPP, MUSTA and CFPS.

Environmental projects include asbestos abatement of torrit units, soil remediation from an oil spill in a retention pond, and operating a small landfill for foundry sand. Other projects include replacing solvent-based glue with water-based glue, inventorying chemicals for reduction and replacement and retiring solvent based paint lines with powdercoating lines.

“In this profession we have been called HSE, SHE, EHS. No matter what our current acronym, it comes down to one thing; working with people not just to make their work environment safer and environmentally sound, but to teach them good habits that they can take home as well.”

I have lived in West Michigan all my life and enjoy water sports, hiking, fishing, swimming and everything that Michigan has to offer.”

Kathy Jo DeVault
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