Leslie Strong

Early on Leslie realized that inequality was an issue she just could not longer step around, and therefore has made it her mission to impact it.

Leslie started her career training companies on the challenges men and women face communicating at work.   In 1999 she founded GenderMark, a training company that utilized the difference between how men and women perceive the world to impact marketing and advertising targeted to women.

Becoming a mother in 2001 Leslie shifted to a more balanced schedule and became a certified coach focusing on executive women.

With all her insights from the women she coached, Leslie wrote ‘The YOU Factor”, walking women through regaining their personal power in all areas of their lives.   She has been featured in the Globe and Mail, seen in the media on CTV, City, Rogers, KTLA, FOX, CBS and Emotional Mojo, as well on numerous radio shows across the U.S.

Recently, Leslie is the founder and CEO of the App called Sandboxx. Sandboxx App puts the human in human resources.  Again, looking at her mission of impacting inequality she decided to expand her reach and find a way for organizations to easily and profoundly connect leaders so they could help each other develop, advance, connect and engage.   With the onset of covid 19 many people found themselves working from home and wondering ….How do I get seen and heard from home?  How can I advance if I’m not at the office?  How does I connect socially from home?  How do I stay engaged from home?  These are questions many leaders are asking and Leslie believes Sandboxx can be a pivotal tool for finding solutions to valuing and engaging human Capital.

Leslie brings the expertise of Gender differences, Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness, Transformation, Consciousness, Leadership, along with 2 coaching certifications, and thousands of clients to the context of having organizations realize that their people are human beings who just want to be seen, heard and valued.

Leslie Strong
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