Martha Hagmaier

Innovative Employee Experience leader with over 10 years developing and executing localized programs in 11 countries. 

I am committed to creating healthy engaging experiences using a holistic approach because I believe being our best selves is possible. By focusing toward our highest good we increase our sense of who we really are and we get more out of life.  

My diverse career includes biotech and video game industries, with roles in Sales, Health and Safety, Workplaces and Human Resources to name a few.  I have a BS in Human Services, with multiple certifications including Corporate Wellness Specialist, Mental Health First Aid, Behavioral Coaching and Personal Training.  I’m described as a pioneering spirit whose wise investments result in high quality solutions for the optimal employee experience. I hope you’ll join me in being the change we want to see in the world and say “Yes!”  to bringing out the best in yourself and others.  

A former senior well-being manager at the second-largest gaming company in the Americas and Europe, who established well-being programs for 13,000 employees globally, my new role is Wellness Program Manager for Baysport, supporting 10,000 members in the San Mateo and Alameda counties.  

Martha Hagmaier
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