Yves Lermusi

Yves Lermusi (aka Lermusiaux) is the Chief Futurist at Outmatch.

Outmatch is a Hiring Experience stack, it composes a layer of assessments, video interviewing and reference checking to humanize the hiring process at scale.

Prior to Outmatch Mr. Lermusi was CEO and founder of Checkster.  Before Checkster Mr. Lermusi was at Taleo (TLEO) as President of Taleo Research.  Prior to Taleo, Mr. Lermusi held several positions in research and consulting organizations in Europe and Canada.

Mr. Lermusi is a well known public speaker and a Talent industry commentator.  He is often quoted in the leading business media worldwide, including Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Week, and Time Magazine. His articles and commentary are published regularly in online publications and business magazines. Mr. Lermusi was named one of the “100 Most Influential People in the Recruiting Industry”.

Mr. Lermusi earned a degree in Physics and Philosophy, and has a diploma in Economics from the University of Brussels and from the University of London.

Yves Lermusi
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