Practica Learning

Practica Learning creates and delivers realistic deliberate practice scenarios that allow participants to refine their business conversation skills. Sales professionals, leaders, coaches and senior mangers all benefit from practicing newly acquired knowledge in a safe 1:1 environment.

Practice is an effective way to reinforce and sustain knowledge, and convert it into well-honed skills. Participants receive immediate personalized skills-based coaching, and insightful emotional feedback on critical skills. The use of intensity and improvisation aloes participants to be pushed to higher competency limits. Improvement is tracked for every participant, skill and scenario.

Practice scenarios are custom designed using your sales model, product, service and market reality. We measure and report on the hard and soft skills you feel are critical to your successful sales conversations.

Practica Learning employs over 60 experienced, professional Roleplayers who are all certified coaches. Since 2000 we have conducted hundreds of thousands of client-facing and coaching conversations. Our clients include American Airlines, A. T. Kearney, BMO Harris, San Francisco Health Plan, S&P Global, Andersons, Manulife, TD Bank, AstraZeneca.

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