Psychological First Aid: Helping the Healthcare Professional
Jay Sandys

Virtual Think Tank Series

Psychological First Aid: Helping the Healthcare Professional

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (EDT)

COVID-19 has strained healthcare professionals, particularly doctors and nurses in unprecedented ways. With fear of getting sick, concerns over PPE and increasing infection rates, doctors and nurses are experiencing stress and trauma on a daily basis. Increasingly there are concerns about the long-term mental health concerns from the prolonged stress of fighting an illness that manifests itself so differently with each patient.

In this interactive Virtual Think Tank, led by CCA, hospital and health system HR Executives will explore:

  • The challenges faced by healthcare workers
  • How to provide emotional support for healthcare workers
  • Utilizing online learning and peer support programs
Jay Sandys, Ph.D.
VP, Organizational Development
CCA, Inc

Jay Sandys has 25 years of counseling, consulting, and coaching experience advising senior leaders on matters related to interpersonal and organizational challenges. Jay consults with organizational leaders and human resources professionals, and has provided executive coaching services to executives in diverse organizations including hospitals, social service agencies, utilities, manufacturing companies, media companies, financial services organizations, cultural institutions, and legal firms. Notably, Jay counsels all levels of employees and has mediated complex interdepartmental conflicts. Jay also designs enterprise-wide training and development programs to educate management on various matters related to human dynamics, mental health and substance abuse, organization development and organizational wellness.

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