The EX Program by Truth Initiative

The EX Program by Truth Initiative® inspires tobacco-free lives. Developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, the EX Program saves lives by changing behavior through real-time, digital support.  

What Makes the EX Program Different:

  • Expertise in quitting: The EX Program combines leadership in digital tobacco cessation programs from Truth Initiative with a proven treatment model from Mayo Clinic.
  • Quit support for all tobacco use: We provide tailored quit support for tobacco use, including smoking, vaping, and chewing tobacco use.  
  • Multimodal: Participants are in the driver’s seat to choose the ways they want to connect and receive support.
  • Easily accessible: With on-demand texts and a thriving online community of peers, participants gain unlimited 24/7 support for as long as they need to stay quit.

 Program Features:

  • – EX Plan, a quit plan with interactive exercises, educational videos and tailored emails
  • EX Community, peer support in a thriving social network
  • EX Coaches, tobacco treatment experts who provide unlimited 1:1 chat sessions
  • EX Text Messaging, interactive and tailored text messages based on how users engage with the program
  • Nicotine patches, gum or lozenges delivered to participants’ homes
  • Optional content related to pregnancy and new motherhood
  • Tailored e-cigarette messaging to help adults and adult dependents quit
  • Guidance and support for parents helping their teens and young adults quit vaping

Client Benefits:

Clients receive guidance from an experienced client success team, comprehensive reports on program performance, incentive reporting, and tailored promotional materials.


To date, more than 800,000 tobacco users have registered for EX, developing the skills and confidence for a successful quit. Visit to learn how to help tobacco users see quitting is possible.

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