The Impact of COVID-19 on Employee Engagement in Healthcare
Michael Levy

Virtual Think Tank Series

The Impact of COVID-19 on Employee Engagement in Healthcare

Friday, October 2, 2020 • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (EDT)

The U.S. is going through an unprecedented challenging time due to the recent pandemic that is affecting all organizations of all types and sizes. No industry has been affected as much as the healthcare industry. While healthcare workers have risen to the challenge of managing the impact of the virus first hand with patients and staff alike, there have been impacts on engagement.

This exclusive Healthcare Think Tank with select HR leaders from some of the largest hospitals and healthcare systems will gather to discuss:

  • How healthcare organizations can pull together to rally around Mission, Team, and Safety
  • How to harness the good from this crisis
  • How to sustain the learnings and behavioral practices that can make any organization stronger going forward
  • How to ensure an ongoing focus on employee recognition, engagement, and pride

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Michael Levy
CEO & Co-Founder

Michael Levy has helped over 450 companies and healthcare organizations greatly improve their engagement scores and reduce turnover through the design and development of award-winning employee reward and recognition programs. As the CEO and co-founder of WorkProud (a service of Online Rewards, Ranked on the Inc. 5000 among the fastest-growing Companies for 13 consecutive years) he regularly advises and implements the reward strategy for Fortune 1,000 HR innovators. Beyond a sense of humor and a very, very Southern accent (think Kangaroos), Michael brings a unique and refreshing perspective to the topic of employee engagement.

Casey Conway
Senior Program Coordinator, Organizational Development & Training
UT Southwestern Medical Center (TX)

Casey Conway is a Senior Program Coordinator in Organizational Development & Training at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, where she currently manages health system recognition programs and training. Casey began her healthcare career as an Internal Communications Specialist at UT Southwestern. Prior to that, she managed numerous local and international nonprofit associations. Casey earned the designation of Certified Recognition Professional from Recognition Professionals International in 2019.

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