Thinking Ahead: How to Effectively Prepare for a Safe Relaunch Post COVID-19
Kevin Lombardo

Virtual Think Tank Series

Thinking Ahead: How to Effectively Prepare for a Safe Relaunch Post COVID-19

Thursday, May 7, 2020 • 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM (EST)

This Virtual Think Tank will be restricted to an intimate group of EHS Executives eager to share issues, challenges and areas of concern that are impacting their role as they look to navigate change and support their organization with safety protocols for operating in the “new normal” post COVID-19. Practical tools and advice will be shared for re- establishing a workplace where employees feel comfortable performing their jobs safely in the post COVID-19 era. This session will address:

  • What does a successful return to work program look like
  • How to reintegrate employees back to work safely
  • How to mitigate risks associated with workers fatigue to avoid injuries
  • How to rebuild your safety program for reopening sites with more/less employees

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Kevin Lombardo
President and CEO
DORN Companies

For 20 years as the nation’s leading wellness based pain management and injury prevention company, DORN has been keeping people out of the healthcare and workers compensation systems through its onsite therapy, education, ergonomic and technology solutions. DORN’S focus is the elimination of pain and discomfort caused by musculoskeletal, soft tissue issues. Working with Intel, United Technologies, Sealy Mattress, the University of California and many other businesses and municipalities, DORN has reached over 100,000 employees and saved employers more than $100 million in workers comp and health care costs with a 600% annual ROI as validated by third parties. Be it ergonomic assessments, PainFree treatments or coaching and training, the DORN solutions will reduce costs, increase productivity and improve the overall culture of the organization.

Kevin leads the strategy development and expansion plans for the company and oversees DORN’s focus on developing innovative solutions for injury prevention, with an emphasis on reducing organizations’ future costs with evidence based, result-oriented programs.

Kevin is a widely recognized thought leader with substantial experience in strategic planning, negotiating, structuring and conducting effective due diligence examinations for operational excellence in support of organizational scale, development of strategic partnerships, and client expansion. Having worked as CEO and a Senior Executive for many large organizations along with his significant experience in the healthcare space, Kevin’s unique perspective illuminates the critical intersections between talent, assets, and ideas — the dynamic formula that drives business performance.

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