Turbo-Charge Innovation through Inclusion
Shirley Englemeier

Virtual Think Tank Series

Turbo-Charge Innovation through Inclusion

Friday, May 29, 2020 • 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (EST)

Historical trends and past track records will not be the guiding tools to navigate us out of this unique time in business. Innovation will be the driver. Frequently those without experience are not typically invited to be part of the solution. In these unprecedented times, it is going to take all voices. It will take recognizing that inclusion is truly a business strategy, that now more than ever, inclusion will turbo-charge innovation.

It will take very intentional, inclusive leadership to harness the ideas needed to pull businesses back from the brink. While our instincts during this time may be to hunker down with like-minded people, leaders need to open the doors to hearing voices they typically may not have included. Strategically, getting a broad base of input will be critical for rapidly reengaging both employees and customers.

This Virtual Think Tank will be restricted to an intimate group of Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officers, CHROs, SVPs and VPs of HR and Talent Management, who will share perspectives around the critical diversity and inclusion issues, challenges and areas of concern that are front of mind as they navigate the current COVID-19 crisis and look ahead to a ‘new normal’ in the post-COVID economy.  This interactive conversation will:

  • Explore why inclusion is a critical driver for innovation
  • Discuss InclusionINC’s Global Inclusion Index and the data supporting inclusion as a strategy for innovation
  • Delve into how inclusive leadership competencies can help leaders harness the best ideas
  • Examine how to position creating a culture of inclusion and retaining diverse talent as critical for business success

Fostering conversations, connections and collaboration among executives

Shirley Engelmeier
Founder, CEO, Chief Inclusion Strategist
Inclusion INC

For over two decades, Shirley has advised Fortune 500 companies on creating inclusive, high performance leaders and enterprises. Prior to founding InclusionINC, Shirley held senior management positions in global consumer product organizations Brown & Williamson and Frito-Lay. She is one of the leading pioneers around workplace initiatives that improve business results through employee engagement and inclusion. She frequently works with executive teams to create strategy and sustainability for inclusion and diversity initiatives. Since founding InclusionINC, she has introduced significant Executive Development Inclusive Leader programs including a cutting edge validated Inclusive Leader 360, InclusionSCORECARD and customized metrics and solutions for Learning Over Time®. A highly regarded business strategist, Shirley consults with C-Suite executives globally on workplace Initiatives across a broad range of industries.

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