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By Nas Panwar on April 24, 2019

Hospital and Health System General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers and Chief Compliance Officers are busy.

They are keeping abreast of regulatory developments, managing risk, supporting new organizational and governance structures, developing their teams and providing guidance to their CEOs and Board Members. It is hard to take the time away to meet other counsel and to share best practices.

We are fortunate that on March 3rd – 5th , over 140 healthcare legal executives and leaders from legal service providers were able to gather in Napa, CA, for a few days of networking, learning, sharing of insights and strategies, as well as stimulating discussions around the risks and opportunities facing the U.S. Healthcare Industry. Some highlights included:

Legal Department Structure and the Role of the GC: In some of the event’s most popular sessions, counsel discussed innovative ways to provide exceptional, timely and cost effective legal services to enable their organizations to provide improved quality of care, better services at lower costs, as well as how to manage external counsel relationships. The group also explored qualities and skill sets in-house counsel must develop be most effective in their role to enable their organization to thrive in and respond to a continually evolving healthcare landscape.

Crisis Management, PR, Marketing and Advocacy: The legal department no longer exists in a silo; several popular sessions on how to effectively handle a crisis, strategic tips and advice for nurturing and maximizing with relationship between the legal and marketing departments as well as working with government relations and advocacy groups to advance the organization’s mission highlighted the symbiotic relationship between the legal and other departments.

Collaboration and Compliance: Sessions explored how to navigate the ever-evolving variety of strategic transactions that are being used to achieve the goal of innovative healthcare delivery, as well as the latest actions from the FTC, DOJ and other antitrust enforcers and more importantly, strategies on how to handle them.

A Call to Action: In the most intriguing session of the Institute, attendees examined the limits of current models of value-based care, the threats to the traditional healthcare industry if broader and more coordinated action is not taken and some actions that should be taken by the industry to achieve the common objective of value-based care. Thought provoking insights and discussions.

The 2019 Healthcare Law & Compliance Institute provided a unique, intimate environment for experienced and accomplished healthcare counsel to interact with one another, to dig into a range of highly relevant, timely topics, and glean pragmatic tips to be most effective in this dynamic healthcare landscape.

Next year’s Healthcare Law & Compliance Institute will be taking place March 1st – 3rd, 2020. If you would like to share some insights and experiences as a member of the Speaker Faculty, suggest topic areas for the agenda or join the waiting list for attendance, please contact Nas Panwar at


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