“Best conference I have been to in 5 years!”

Healthcare Law &
Compliance Institute

October 2 – 4, 2022

“Best conference I have been to in 5 years!”

By Nas Panwar on October 18, 2022

“I thoroughly enjoyed the conference.  Great attendees – reconnected with so many people I had not seen in a while.  Sessions were great, business meetings were helpful.  It was one of the best conferences I have been to in a LONG time!  I look forward to attending future events!”

This feedback from an attendee at the recent Healthcare Law & Compliance Institute, which took place at The Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills perfectly captures the many benefits of attending: the connection, the learning, the information exchange, and the networking.

“Amazing.  Awesome.  Very helpful to our organization.”

The caliber of the gathering of CLOs, GCs, DGCs and AGCs from hospitals and health systems across the country ensured a high level of discussion around and engagement with a range of substantive sessions that touched on the critical aspects of healthcare today, such as:

  • Digital Health and Real-World Data:  Balancing the Potential for Improved Health Outcomes and Health Systems Against Data Privacy and Security Protections
  • Private Equity Trends in Healthcare
  • Governance 4.0: Future-Proofing Your Company with Strong Governance
  • Transforming the Modern Health Care Business & the Role of Value-Based Care Transactions
  • Complex FMV Considerations in Common Transactions
  • When the Government Comes Knocking: Best Practices in Government Investigations from Both Sides of the Aisle
  • How to Survive a Corporate Integrity Agreement
  • Health Systems and Antitrust – an Insider Perspective

“I loved that the speakers provided practical advice and the forum allowed for a valuable exchange of ideas.”

The communication and flow of information at the Institute was incredible as the speakers allowed themselves to be vulnerable and to share their lived experiences through various challenges and opportunities.  We are so grateful to these executives for being willing to contribute to the discussion about some of the following critical topics:

  • Criminal Prosecutions in Healthcare: Key Considerations and Lessons Learned
  • You Have a Match: Aligning Purpose, Perspectives, and People to Maximize Merger Success
  • Transforming Your In-House Legal Operating Model: A Case Study
  • Mid-Career to Retirement: Exploring the GC Lifecyle
  • Maximizing the Role of Healthcare GCs and CLOs in an Evolving Environment
  • Optimizing Legal Department Operations Breakout Sessions

“Great venue, discussion and connections – I would attend again.”

Between the networking at the various reception and meal functions, and the engaging and informative discussions with experts during the business meetings, attendees had a chance to round out the learning from the sessions with wonderful opportunities to engage more deeply in an intimate and safe environment, buoyed by the beautiful surroundings and exceptional service at the Four Seasons Hotel.

“Best conference I have been to in 5 years!”

We are so proud and grateful to receive this feedback and look forward to hosting our wonderful guests again at a future iteration of the Institute.

To contribute to the 2023 Healthcare Law & Compliance Institute, whether sharing some insights and experiences as a member of the Speaker Faculty, suggesting topic areas for the agenda, or joining the waiting list for attendance, please contact Nas Panwar at npanwar@ipmionline.com


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“Best conference I have been to in 5 years!”
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